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A Guiding Light - Photomontage
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An independent project created using six separate photos compiled into one seamless scene via Photoshop. The photo was then used to create a simple animation using
After Effects and Premiere Pro.

ARTIST'S STATEMENT: “A Guiding Light” is a representation of myself —my internal struggle with feeling “lost” and overwhelmed, yet still having hope that everything will work out, and finding beauty in the little things of everyday life. I chose a barren, foggy landscape with broken, lifeless trees as the background to represent not being able to see the future or think clearly, and to convey a feeling of hopelessness. I overlaid a contrasting image of a beautiful, star-studded sky as a reminder to embrace the wonder, beauty and enchantment that the world naturally provides. I added one of my favorite flowers, daisies, growing from two of the broken trees. Daisies represent new beginnings. Their petals only open during the day, however, I chose to have them open during this night scene to represent lightness when there seems to only be darkness. The woman represents myself, scared but still reaching out for hope and trying to embrace change. Perched on her hand is a butterfly, which signifies the ability to go through important changes with grace and lightness. Center stage is a cat. Cats symbolize a lot of things including patience and waiting for the right moment to act, but also curiosity and courage to explore the unknown. Although I don’t have a cat, they hold a special place in my heart. I often see them after there has been some turmoil in my life and they provide a sense of protection and brighten my day. Cats have the ability to see in the dark and to be at ease when most other animals and humans cannot. They are my guiding light.

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