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Schubert's Last Dream: a Chagrin Arts program review

Chagrin Arts presents over nine performing arts and lecture programs every year. As part of the organization's new marketing plan in 2014, I decided to implement brief "reviews" or "highlights" of each program. The review is sent out as an eblast in the week following the performance, and not only allows a glimpse into the event for those who could not attend, but provides a more detailed history of Chagrin Arts' programs.

Performance Review: "Schubert's Last Dream"

An Intimate Concert Featuring Members of the Cleveland Orchestra

March 10, 2017

On Friday, March 10, the chilly outside air was contrasted by the enchanting sounds of Franz Schubert’s String Quintet in C major coming from inside the United Methodist Church. Cleveland Orchestra cellist Paul Kushious and his talented colleagues Isabel Trautwein (violin), Yun-Ting Lee (violin), Yu Jin (viola) and Tanya Ell (cello), truly created an evening to remember in this intimate chamber concert. 

Paul Kushious and Lindsey Walsh, Chagrin Arts’ Director of Marketing, started the program off by discussing the thought behind the program’s intriguing title, “Schubert’s Last Dream.”  This open dialogue between the musicians and the audience really set the mood for the program.  The concert was not just about listening to a beautiful piece of music, it was about delving into the motivation behind the music.

Throughout the night, the musicians painted a mental picture for the audience by revealing more about Schubert’s intriguing life and their interpretation of each movement within his String Quintet. For example, the second movement suggests you are a guest at an elegant wedding…that then turns into the most awesome wedding you’ve ever attended as the gentle hums and plucks of the strings grow into an intricate crescendo.

Inspired by the program’s title, Isabel shared a poem she found that Schubert had written in 1822 titled “Mein Traum” or “My Dream.”  It is a tale of exile and homecoming that shows insight into the artist’s life and personality.

After the performance, the audience and the musicians gathered for a dessert reception, providing the opportunity for people to get to know these distinguished musicians on a more personal level.

You could listen to Schubert’s String Quintet in C major online, but there’s nothing like hearing it live from Paul Kushious, Isabel Trautwein, Yun-Ting Lee, Yu Jin and Tanya Ell who played with such fervor they set the evening on fire.



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